Peak Performers

Summer 2021 has six different Peak Performances that will be available for your enjoyment.


June 25th- The Peak Performance season starts off with a great past favorite:  Frank Kuntz- He will be performing on Friday,   


July 1st and 2nd- We have a new name to Lake City:  Dennis Elkins.  Dennis is presenting his one man stage play box.  You will laugh and you will cry.


July 11th- Acoustic Eidolon is returning for one performance that you won't want to miss.  They are certainly a Lake City favorite.


July 16th and a date to be determined- This will be the second year for Jim Walker to perform his one-man show as Mark Twain.  He was able to do this for us last year and it was a huge hit.


July 21st, August 5th, and September 16th- We have another new group, Honey B's Rhapsody.  You will recognize them though.  Cindy Bissell and her daughter Chelsea have formed a new group and it will be totally entertaining.


August 27th- Mito DeSoto is returning to Lake City.  He loves Lake City but not as much as we love hearing him play the guitar.  Simply a must.