Peak Performers

Summer 2021 has seven different Peak Performances that will be available for your enjoyment.


June 25th

An Evening of Family Fun with Frank Kuntz


In a blast from Lake City’s past, pianoman Dr. Frank Kuntz presents an evening of musical entertainment and family fun. From 1985-1989 the Kuntz Brothers performed each summer at the Black Crooke Theatre. Frank holds a bachelor degree in piano performance from Baldwin Wallace College, a masters from University of Michigan, and a doctorate in music education from Arizona State University. Highlights of Frank’s career include traveling around the world as accompanist of the University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, leading shows at the Golden Horseshoe Review at Disneyland, serving as the musical director at the Diamond Circle Theatre in Durango for eight seasons, writing songs for the calliope, arranging music for a child’s heart, and growing cherries in Montana for the past 30 years.

On Friday, June 25 at 7:30 pm join us for a program of comedy, light-hearted music, and several additional surprises. 


This program benefits the Lake City Arts organization.


July 1st & 2nd

We have a new name to Lake City:  Dennis Elkins.  Dennis is presenting his one man stage play box.  You will laugh and you will cry.


July 11th

Acoustic Eidolon is returning for one performance that you won't want to miss.  They are certainly a Lake City favorite.


July 16th and July 17th

This will be the second year for Jim Walker to perform his one-man show as Mark Twain.  He was able to do this for us last year and it was a huge hit.


July 21st, August 5th, and September 16th

We have another new group, Hunny B's Rhapsody.  You will recognize them though.  Cindy Bissell and her daughter Chelsea have formed a new group and it will be totally entertaining. 

Hunny B's Rhapsody musical group is made up of the mother and daughter duo of Cindy Bea and Chelsea Dee. 

The Duo has combined their talents over the last few months to create a new and exciting act to entertain and excite fans.  Follow them thru the years, from the Fabulous 40's to the present.  They perform songs to take you on a personal journey from your childhood to being an adult.  Live, laugh and love along with them.

Cindy's talent started when she was 11 years old drumming and singing in her family's dance band.  They traveled thru her home state of Kansas to Oklahoma and Colorado.  The last 22 years, she has performed out in Las Vegas where her husband and 5 daughters have lived for 24 years.  She most recently concluded her performances at the Hughes Brothers theater in Branson Missouri, where she was a headliner.  Cindy does  remarkable show stopping songs and includes impressions of her favorite artist which include Karen Carpenter, Crystal Gayle, Alison Kraus, Abba to name a few.  Cindy has been blessed to perform in front of U.S. Presidents, Dignitaries and Hollywood Royalty. 

Cindy's new group, with her daughter Chelsea, has added a new dimension in Harmony.

Chelsea, like her mother, has been singing since she was a little girl.  She attended many auditions for television shows such as American Idol, The Voice and Americas Got talent.  She is an up and coming sensation with a voice of pure Gold.  The family duo entertains with perfect pitch and compliments one another in flawless harmony.  Together, they sooth the soul while bringing back memories of long forgotten and making new memories that will last a lifetime.


August 27th

Mito DeSoto is returning to Lake City.  He loves Lake City but not as much as we love hearing him play the guitar.  Simply a must.

September 9th

Dave Becker / DaveBeckerBand

Dave is an award winning Texas-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Most easily described as Americana, his music blends blues, jazz, folk, country and rock influences to evoke feelings from sweet and tender to swingin’ and toe-tappin’. Dave just calls it free range music. Whatever you call it, you’ll find it’s honest and authentic music that you enjoy and want

to hear again. Dave recently released a 15-song self-titled debut album that is available on all major music streaming services. He and the band perform widely in Texas and tour a couple of times each year. Catch them live when you can to hear the stories behind the songs! Their performance schedule, photos, and booking information can be found by searching for Dave Becker Band on Facebook or Instagram, @davebeckerband July 2021

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