Meet the Artist: Kathy DuChene

LCA 2020 Art Uncropped K. DuChene Final
K. DuChene Head Shot.jpg

Kathy (Sisson) DuChene was born in Syracuse, New York and moved with her family to Chicago, Illinois when she was sixteen years old. In college, she enrolled in a five-year program in Biomedical Visualization, which consisted of three years of study at the University of Illinois (Champagne-Urbana) and two years at University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago where she studied human anatomy in the same classes as the pre-med students. As part of her class work, she also studied art for one year at the University of Madrid, Spain, all of which contributed to earning the equivalent of a MS degree in Biomedical Visualization.


After college, Kathy and her late husband, photographer Scott Hooson, established Kascot Media/Litigation Visuals, a private company that specialized in the preparation of medical visuals in Chicago. They were invited to move their business to the Chicago campus of Northwestern University Medical School where they specialized in creating medical media for doctors and personal injury/malpractice attorneys. Their products included artwork, photography, videos and exhibits for use in conferences, publications and courtrooms.


Kathy was introduced to her husband, Harvey DuChene, while on a scientific cave exploration trip to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. They had many interests in common, including climbing Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks. Their first trip to Lake City in 2001 was to scale the highest local summits, and they became intrigued by Lake City and the San Juan Mountains. In 2003, Kathy and Harvey bought property in Lake City, and Kathy became the Spanish teacher at Lake City School in 2005. After renovating their home, both became full time Lake City residents in 2008. Kathy retired from teaching after her mother came to Lake City to live in 2012.


Kathy met Lake City summer resident Jane Jones and enrolled in her Abstract Art/Design and Plein Air workshops, which helped her get back to creating her own art. Kathy’s work has been seen on posters advertising the annual Hinsdale County Museum Pub Crawl and the Lake City String Academy, and she has exhibited work in local art shows at the Anthony Gallery. Kathy is a big supporter of the initiative to gather Lake City artists and “wannabe” artists together in projects at Lake City Arts. Both DuChenes have performed with the Cabin Fever Players at Lake City Arts, and currently are in the long-running play “Scarlet Belles” at the Hinsdale County Museum.