Artist of the Year


Linda Downs



Artist of the Year 2022

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Linda Gillette Downs is a native Ohioan with a love of Lake City that started the moment she and her family began vacationing here in the 90’s. The dream to settle here became a reality in 2014 when her husband Bob was hired as a Physician Assistant at Lake City Area Medical Center. Linda had a busy veterinary house call practice back in Ohio but followed three years later and set up practice in Lake City. Their children are also in Colorado; son Ross is a deputy sheriff in Gunnison county and daughter Lia is a special ed teacher in the Denver area. 

During the time she and Bob lived apart, a friend suggested that they learn watercolor together. At first hesitant, Linda was pushed by her friend to keep experimenting with the medium, to be accountable for regular practice, and to get over ‘perfectionism’. She soon realized that watercolor was the perfect medium to capture the beauty she enjoyed on hiking, snowshoeing and skiing adventures throughout the San Juan Mountains. She took classes on watercolor at Lake City Arts from artist Jane Jones and joined others for outdoor painting sessions. Linda also took the scary first step of sharing her art publicly thanks to the Natalie Reeves Art Show for locals. 


Lake City Arts has been a perfect outlet to try new beginner-level classes and to share the learning process with others. Linda has taught classes on silk painting, alcohol ink, watercolor techniques, and origami. This coming year is filled with excitement for more watercolor classes, including a travel journal series, silk painting, and development of a fused glass curriculum thanks to a generous donation for a kiln. 


Like her friend that encouraged her to find her ‘inner artist’, Linda hopes to share that joy of discovery with other beginners who perhaps don’t quite believe they can produce art. She is very excited about all the enthusiasm for visual and performing arts at Lake City Arts and can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.