Mito de Soto is a well-known Spanish-American guitarist. His nickname Mito is a play on words; translated into English, mito means "myth"; but phonetically may be misinterpreted as a diminutive for Miguelito. De Soto uses mito as a unique musical nickname incorporating both his first and last names interpreting Mito de Soto as "myth of the grove."

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And now, returning to the Lake City Stage by popular demand.  The Las Vegas award winning impressionist, Doug Stiel and vocalist Cindy Bissell!  They bring you the best in music, comedy and impromptu humor that will leave you in stitches.  Doug & Cindy bring an edgy yet down home comedy seldom seen in the entertainment industry.  Just as their show has mesmerized a multitude of audiences from around the world, they now grace you with love , laughter and memories that will last a lifetime.  Prepare to be entertained with the best of legendary country, rock-n-roll, Broadway, soul and famous Hollywood personalities.

“Take a moment, give us a minute and we will give you a memory”

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Moseley Arts Center