Lake City Arts



Lake City Arts is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that serves the rural mountain community of Lake City, Colorado. 

Our mission is:
To create an environment in which arts experiences are an integral part of community life and in which each person can develop his or  her creative potential, both as creator and consumer.
Lake City Arts will promote and support the arts and encourage creativity and artistic expression. It will showcase local artists and provide a structure for arts funding and a clearinghouse for arts information. It will coordinate arts activities and encourage participation in the arts by all ages.
Through the above, it will endeavor to enhance the positive image and the economic base of the community.

A Grand Announcement!


Lake City Arts is thrilled to present our Yamaha concert grand piano, which recently arrived from Atlanta, Georgia. Made possible by the extraordinary generosity of several donors who have given Lake City Arts and our community a gift that will last for generations to come we look forward to sharing this instrument with you. We thank our donors and welcome our community members to come see, hear and play this instrument!


Jim and Jane Anthony

John Anthony

John and Kerry Coy

Dave Dayvault

Warner and Helen Dewey

Harvey and Kathy Duchene

Bob and Julia Johns

Shelley McGehee

Terry McGehee 

in honor and memory of

Fred and Sue McGehee

Jean Palmer and Michael Palmer 

in memory of

Byron Hester and Al Muenzer

Gwen and Dick Powell

Michelle Sibley and David Palmer

John and Martha Smith

Fred and Joyce Stapleton

Phil and Carolyn Virden

Mort and Ceil Weir

Ron and Sandra Yates

Lake City Arts

300 Silver St, Lake City, CO 81235

Mailing Address: Po Box 876, Lake City, CO 81235

Phone: 970-944-2706