Lake City Arts and Crafts Festival Vendor Application

Welcome to the 46th Annual Lake City Arts and Crafts Festival!


Artisans, both regionally and nationally, exhibit works of original concept, design and creation in all types of media. Held in the Lake Fork Memorial Park and Skate Park off of Spring Street, 

Lake City on July 19th, 2022!



There is a $10.00 non-refundable Jury Fee. The Entry Fee for a 12 x 12 booth space is $100.00 for applications received by May 13th, 2022. Applications received after May 13th will be considered, but their entry fee will be $110. No shared spaces are permitted. The availability of grass spaces at the park lawn is limited, so register early. Lake City Arts show organizers will determine vendor booth location and assign at early check-in.


Notification of acceptance and check-in information will be emailed by May 23th, 2022.


Send in your jury and entry fees to Lake City Arts and Crafts Festival PO Box 876 Lake City, CO 81235


You may also pay through PayPal to If you choose to use Paypal, please indicate your full name and that your payment is for an Arts and Crafts Festival booth in the payment.


Lodging: An accommodations guide for hotels and camping can be obtained through the Lake City Chamber of Commerce. Please call 1-800-569-1874 or visit their website at


**2022 Dates and Deadlines**

  • May 13th-Application Due Date

  • May 20th-Jury Meeting

  • May 23th-Notifications emailed 

  • June 19th-Cancellation date with refund

  • July 18th-Early Booth set up AFTER booth marking is complete (No evening security provided) 

  • July 19th-7:00 am Booth Set-up /// 9:00 am Show Opens///4:00 pm Show Ends-Booth check out


FOOD: Food will be available for purchase at local restaurants and from food vendors in the Festival.



Lake City weather is unpredictable, so come prepared for hot, cold, wind, snow, rain or other extreme conditions that might affect you or your works. Tents are not required, but recommended. Tent weights are also highly recommended.



Contact Peggy Bales: - (970) 275-3202 (c)

Agreement *



If accepted for participation in the Arts and Crafts Festival (the “Festival”) presented by Lake City Arts (“LCA”), Vendor shall abide by this vendor agreement and all directives, rules and regulations of LCA and the Town of Lake City, Colorado.


No prefabricated Vendor’s items or kits shall be offered for sale at the Festival, and, if Vendor presents for sale any such non-conforming merchandise, Vendor may be asked to remove such merchandise from the Festival, without refund of any fees. Vendor represents and warrants that is has it right to sell all Works to be offered for sale by it at the Festival.


Vendor shall collect and remit to the appropriate authorities all applicable sales tax on each sale of Works (the combined Lake City/Hinsdale County/CO State tax is 7.9%). LCA will submit a list of participating vendors to the Town of Lake City, Hinsdale County and Colorado Department of Revenue. LCA requires sales information for its records: the Vendor shall return a completed LCA Tax Information Form to the Festivals information booth at the close of the Festival.


Vendor booth location assignments will be posted Monday evening at the Town Park after vendor spaces have been marked and numbered. No booth location assignments will be changed. Vendor may not share its assigned booth location with any other vendor.


Vendor shall check in at the Festival Information Booth in the Town Park and receive a booth location assignment and Festival information packet at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday, the day of the Festival. Booth Numbers will also be emailed out before the festival.


Vendor shall furnish its own display tables, covers, canopies and such other protective and display materials as it deems appropriate. No electric service is available to vendors at the Town Park.


Street parking adjacent to the Town Park is restricted during the Festival. After Vendor has unloaded its Works, all Vendor vehicles must be relocated to parking areas outside the restricted area designated by traffic cones. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Vendor’s booth shall be open at all times during the Festival. (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday). Volunteers will be available to mind the booth to provide short breaks for Vendor.


Vendor shall be solely responsible for security and safekeeping for it booth, Works and other property. LCA provides no security service for the Festival.


Vendor assumes all risks associated with its participation in the Festival and shall, at its sole expense provide all liability or other insurance it deems appropriate to protect its interests. Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless LCA and its officers, directors, agents and volunteers from and against 1) any and all loss of or damage to property or injury (including death) to persons arising out of or relating to Vendor’s participation in the Festival, and 2) any claims of infringement of intellectual property rights with respect to the Works.


If Vendor is accepted for participation in the Festival, Vendor may cancel its booth reservation before June 19 and receive a refund of its booth reservation fee. No fee refund will be made if notice of cancellation of Vendor’s reservation is received by LCA on or after June 20th.  


Payment Type *

The entry fee for a 12 x 12 booth space is $100.00 before May 13th, 2022. 

$110.00 after May 13th, 2022 and a $10.00 non-refundable Jury Fee.

Fees can be paid together in one payment.


Payment can be sent by check or money order (no cash) through mail to:

Lake City Arts PO 876 Lake City, CO 81235


online through PayPal to:

If you choose to use Paypal, please indicate your full name and that your payment is for an Arts and Crafts Festival booth in the payment.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Description *

Please take a moment to briefly describe the process and materials used in making your ORIGINAL work, and attach 2 photos below of different pieces of your work:

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Can we use your photos for advertising for the Lake City Arts and Crafts Festival?

We will credit you as the artist if we use your photos. Let us help you advertise while we spread the word about the show!